GentleBirth & Birth Prep Classes

Childbirth Classes to Fit Your Needs

Just as we prepare for any big event in our lives, preparing for birth and the postpartum with a multi-dimensional childbirth ed class is the way to go.  I love the approach that GentleBirth brings to the table; with an emphasis on mindfulness, mental relaxation and brain-training in addition to preparing your comfort measures 'labor toolkit' and being informed on your birth rights and how to advocate for yourself.


One of the things that I love about the birth world is that I'm constantly learning new information that doesn't only prove useful for birth, but that becomes a life skill and paradigm change that I can carry with me for the rest of my days.

I try to convey this message in all classes that I teach; that the learning you do to prep for your baby's arrival is never a waste of your time and money investment; it is something that will benefit you for years to come.

As a Childbirth Instructor, I am currently offering virtual multi-day classes that touch on the most important childbirth basics and GentleBirth concepts-

  • Brain Training through Mindfulness & Focus, Hypnosis, Visualization and more
  • Sports Psychology Principles and how they apply to birth
  • Understanding the Science behind Pain and Fear and how to optimize your Emotional Resilience
  • Birth Physiology, Possible Interventions and Evidence-Based Care
  • Advocating for Your Rights and Birth Priorities
  • Building Your Birth Toolkit with Comfort Measures
  • Includes 8-10 hours of Instructional Time
  • Blended classes include additional online modules for extra prep at your own pace

I am now offering online virtual classes that fit your schedule and needs. Contact me for details!

In addition, I offer a variety of 1-hour Consultations and Express Childbirth Classes to fit your calendar and budget needs  Let's explore what works best for you!

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Virtual Childbirth Class

In the age of COVID-19, you still want to prepare for your baby's arrival with the best information. Read on to learn more.

  • This comprehensive childbirth edu class will take place via Zoom in the comfort of your home.
  • The class will be held over 3 or 4 weeks, 2-3 hours each week.
  • There is an option to condense the class into a short amount of time as needed.
  • Class includes demonstrations of comfort techniques, labor positions and optimal positioning exercises and details of stages of labor, signs of when to head to the hospital, birth advocacy, and basic breastfeeding and postpartum prep.
  • We will coach you through writing your Birth Preferences/Plan.
  • Access to Exclusive Client Resources
  • You have access to contacting me for any questions related to labor during your final weeks of pregnancy.
  • The Instructor is a certified GentleBirth educator and Lamaze-trained and brings in a wealth of experience into her classes.

COST: $375

1:1 Birth Options Consultation

Overwhelmed with birth planning and not sure where to start?  Schedule a 60-minute birth consultation!

  • In-person or via Video Call
  • Crucial first-step to help set you up for a positive birth experience!
  • Explore types of providers, birth locations, birth philosophies and tips to help you figure out what your most important first steps are
  • Explore Birth Education Classes and Philosophies that resonate with you
  • Discuss informed consent, how to advocate for your rights and evidence-based care
  • Apply towards your Doula Services or GentleBirth Class fee if you choose to work with Fatima

COST: $75/hr

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SLIDING SCALE- Pay what you can starting from $25/hr

GentleBirth Classes

Great for parents looking to train their brains and prepare their mindset for a more positive birth experience.  

  • Available in a 1-Day or Multiple Day version, about 8-10 hours of instructional time
  • Taught in privacy of your home or elsewhere at your preference
  • 30-Day Access to Online Modules, including Breastfeeding
  • Introduction to the award-winning GentleBirth App
  • Access to Fatima's Exclusive Client Resources
  • 1-Hour Video Call after your class with Fatima to review the online module and postpartum care and to answer any questions

COST: $350-$420

Express Virtual Classes

Tight on time? Want to customize your class? Check these options out!

  • VBAC Preparation- 1 hr Consultation- Local Providers, Optimal Positioning, Evidence-Based Care & Community Support Resources
  • Comfort Measures for Birth (2.5 hours)- Hands-On Comfort Techniques, including mindfulness, comfort touch, optimal positioning and more.
  • Postpartum Preparation & Nourishment for the New Mom (1.5 hours): Includes 2 samples of ideal postpartum foods, and covers worldwide traditions for caring for the new mother
  • Access to Exclusive Client Resources

COST: $50-$135

Postpartum Planning

A key to a healthy postpartum includes planning for it.  Let us help you figure out the key factors for a healthy postpartum. 

  • 2-2.5 hour long session via Zoom
  • Discussions of the 5 Universal Laws for a Healthy Postpartum
  • Coaching you through your Postpartum Plan, including tips for healthy relationships
  • Explore postpartum-friendly foods and herbal teas & postpartum bodywork that you can plan for.
  • Guide your main support person through Quick Tips for Caring for a New Mother

COST: $129

And Now For a Limited Time!

SLIDING SCALE- Pay what you can starting from $40/hr for families in need

Childbirth Education is Mind & Body Connection, Evidence-Based Research and Birth Physiology Combined