I had a VBAC … and Fatima was my doula.  She was wonderful, informative, supportive and I’m grateful she was by my side throughout it all.  From consultation to laboring at home and pushing for 5 hours she was calm, patient, knowledgeable and motivating.  Highly recommend. – Shukri


VBAC Preparation


This 1 hour consultation is ideal for pregnant people seeking a VBAC- a vaginal birth after a cesarean. In this meeting, we talk about your previous birth experience, what your desires for this upcoming birth are and ways to help set you up for a successful VBAC. We delve into the differences between a VBAC- supportive provider and VBAC-tolerant provider and discuss different options for providers in the Northern Virginia and DC Metro area with a high VBAC success rate. This class can be combined with other classes.  


Investment (1 hour)- $50

Comfort Measures for Birth

This 2.5-hour workshop is perfect for families seeking any type of labor experience. We focus on hands-on comfort techniques, including visualizations, focused breathing, movement and comfort touch techniques that your support person can practice on you throughout pregnancy and into labor, birth and the postpartum. These comfort measures are a great tool for your birth bag and can help you better relax and decompress throughout pregnancy and in the gentle time known after baby is born- your fourth trimester.

Investment- $120

Childbirth 101- (Express and Comprehensive)


In this workshop, we delve into the factors that put labor into action, the importance of the mind-body connection in labor, and the basic stages of labor. We practice hands-on comfort techniques that your partner/support person can use during labor, whether you are planning on an epidural or an unmedicated birth experience, and positions for labor and birth. We talk about tips for early and active labor, when to head to the place of birth, evidence-based birth practices and ways to advocate for your birth plan.


Express Class (3 Hours)  touches briefly on physiology & stages of labor, birth options, comfort techniques and basic newborn procedures. 

Investment- $180  


Comprehensive Class (6 hours) delves more deeply into each of the above in addition to interventions, more hands-on comfort techniques, newborn procedures, basics of breastfeeding and postpartum preparation.

Investment- $360  


Clients receive access to my exclusive list of client resources and  to text message support during labor.

Postpartum Preparation &
Nourishment for the New Mom

The postpartum time is a special time in the journey of parenthood. It’s a time when so many changes happen on all levels- hormonal, emotional, relational and physical. This is the time for community building and support and yet, we often find that planning for it can easily slip through the cracks as we prepare for baby’s arrival.


In this workshop, we focus on tips for caring for the new mother (whether that’s you or your loved one), ideal nutrition & body care. You leave this workshop with a better understanding of what cultures around the world have practiced to celebrate and nourish the new mother. I also provide you with 2 samples of nourishing foods/products and access to ideas & resources for your Postpartum Plan.

This 2 hour workshop is ideal for all families, new and old.


Investment- $135


Learning your options makes all the difference in your birth experience