“I highly recommend Fatima’s doula services! As a first-time mom, I was very nervous as to what to expect, but Fatima helped me feel safe, supported and gave me all the facts without any prejudice or judgment… If I have another, I would love to have her as my doula again!”  – Asma


Childbirth Consultations

In addition to our free 30 minute consultations for potential doula clients, we offer longer, more personalized consultations to help you understand and navigate the birth and postpartum journey. This is a great way to ask about local providers, local birthing centers, and hospitals and, and to find resources that may help you along your journey. Makes a great gift for a loved one!


Consultations (1 hour)- $50

Woman in doctor's office smiling

Choosing a Supportive Provider & Birth Options


This 1.5 hour consultation helps you learn about your different options when it comes to birthing in the Northern Virginia, Maryland & DC Metro area. You will explore the difference options you have with various local providers, find options for VBAC-supportive practices in the DMV, learn about the options you have in this area for a VBA2c, and discover your preferences between a home, hospital or birth center birth.


You will also explore different birth options, evidence-based practices and how you can advocate for your choices. Some of these birth options include discussing the use of continuous vs. intermittent monitoring, eating and drinking during labor and standard newborn procedures that you may elect to forego.


Investment: $75