“I cannot state how glad I am that Fatima was my doula. Giving birth is such a special moment in a woman’s life, and now I will always associate it with her. I am so grateful for everything she has done for our little family!…”  -Alix



Frequently Asked Questions

Are doulas just for home births?

I support your birth in the location that you choose it to be- at home, in a birth centers or at a local hospital.  In fact, most of the births that I support take place in a hospital setting, and that is likely because 90% of births in the US take place in a hospital setting. 

Are doulas just for natural births?

People define natural birth in different ways, but if you are referring to an unmedicated birth or intervention-free birth, then the answer is no! Doulas are for all births. I support medicated and unmedicated births, home and hospital births, vaginal and cesarean births.  

Will my husband/partner feel replaced or left out if we hire a doula?

I see my role as one that will help enhance your partner/husband’s ability to best support you, and never one where I replace your main support.  I believe that having a doula will help your partner/husband support you in the best way possible.

For many of the families that I work with, I find that the birth partners are so grateful after the experience for having had a doula there.  They felt reassured when things got tough and supported when they needed a short break to run to the bathroom or grab a bite to eat, especially when births run long.  They were able to turn to me when they didn’t understand what was happening in the labor room for advice.

Having help at a birth is great, but what I really need is help after the baby arrives.

Doulas provide postpartum support as well!  I am a birth and postpartum doula, and I do believe in honoring and respecting the whole experience as a transformative one in the life of a new family.  I believe that birth in itself is a powerful, transformative moment for a family, but I also believe that being supported and honored after the birth, in the vulnerable moments of early parenthood is so important for the new family.  Ask me about my postpartum support services!

How can I pay for doula services?

Investing in doula support for your birth or postpartum is something that you can plan for when you become pregnant.  Some clients have chosen to add doula services to their baby registry list, others have used their HSA (Health Savings Account) and FSA (Flexible Spending Account) to pay for doula services.  Some insurances will cover childbirth education classes (ask your insurance) if that is the service you are looking for. And when things just seem hard, other options include checking out the shorter childbirth education workshops or looking at a service that you have to offer and seeing if your doula is interested in bartering services.

Do you join me at home or in the hospital during labor?

Once labor is established, I join you where you are most comfortable- if you plan on laboring at home longer before you head to the birthing place (hospital or birth center), I am there with you.  I help give you a good estimate on what phase of labor you might be in and when to head to the place of birth- based on your birth preferences.

Which local hospitals and birthing centers do you serve as a doula?

I serve doula and childbirth ed clients in all areas of Northern Virginia and Washington DC, and areas in Maryland including Bethesda, Bowie, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Potomac, Rockville and Silver Spring.  


Hospitals and Birth Centers that I attend births at include: BirthCare, The George Washington University Hospital, INOVA Alexandria, INOVA Fair Oaks, INOVA Loudoun, Premier Birth Center, Shady Grove Adventist Hospital, Stone Springs Hospital with the Loudoun Community Midwives, The Family and Health Birth Center, Virginia Hospital Center, and Washington Hospital Center.


Reach out to me at any time to ask about your location!

Do you work with clients seeking a VBAC or VBA2C (vaginal birth after a cesarean)?

Yes! I love working with VBAC clients and have served numerous families who were able to achieve their VBACs.  I love sharing evidence-based info on the benefits of a VBAC with my clients as well as tips and suggestions on what can best help them reach their goals.  One of the best tips for a successful VBAC- seek a truly VBAC-supportive provider!