Postpartum Love

Healing Care and Support In Your Postpartum

Traditional postpartum doula care is support that is based on global traditions that have been passed down through generations.  I would be honored to support you with this extra love and care in this special phase of your life.  If you are in the NOVA, DC or Maryland area and looking for traditional postpartum doula care and bodywork, this is the place for you. 

Traditional Postpartum Doula Care

As a doula and birth worker, I believe in the central importance of the postpartum period to the healing, nourishing and creation of a new mother and a new family.  With the right kind of support and care, new parents can be celebrated and supported in a vulnerable phase of their life.

Our modern-day culture has started to appreciate the unique and global traditions passed down through generations specifically for the postpartum period.  This is the time to nurture new parents, watch them bond with each other and their new baby and allow them to take life at a gentler pace.  I offer different postpartum care packages based on this.

Traditional Postpartum Care can be the key to a less-anxious, better-rested and more fulfilling postpartum.

I have trained in postpartum doula care through many paths, including self-study, Doula Trainings International, Centehua Sage's 4th Trimester Foods, Layla B.'s Traditional Moroccan Postpartum Medicine and am currently (super excited to be) enrolled for deeper learning through Innate Traditions postpartum training.

Interested in learning more about postpartum care? Don't hesitate to reach out today.  You may fill out my Contact Form and I will email you with more information and to set up our initial consultation.

moroccan postpartum traditions

Traditional Postpartum Bodywork 1

This care is based on my study of Traditional Moroccan Postpartum Medicine with Layla B.  Includes (1) session of  the following: 

  • Traditional Moroccan Postpartum Womb Steam & arm/leg massage
  • Herbal Tea Service on a Moroccan Ceremonial Tray
  • Space set up with relaxing music and an intention to bring peace and comfort to the new mother
  • Optional Moroccan Hamam Experience (in your home- fee below reflects this)
  • Traditional 'Closing the Bones' Ceremony
  • Demo of Moroccan Belly-Binding w/option to purchase traditional Moroccan Kourziya cloth
  • High-Quality Products Used (ghassoul clay, olive oil, olive soap, kessa glove)

COST: $125-$225 + 20% Current Discount

Traditional Postpartum Bodywork 2

Includes (2) sessions of Moroccan Postpartum Care  

  • Two Sessions of Traditional Moroccan Postpartum Care as described in Package 1
  • Session 1 performed in Week 1 or 2 after baby's birth (vaginal birth) and Session 2 performed at 40 days postpartum to celebrate your 4th trimester journey
  • Traditionally performed as early as 2 days after the birth, repeated every other day in the first, again at Week 2 and finally at 40 days postpartum
  • Any woman who has had a child, even 5 years later, can have this ceremony done, to acknowledge the monumental work her body has gone through, carrying and birthing a baby
  • Option to add on 3rd and 4th session for additional fee
  • Done after 8 weeks postpartum for a cesarean birth

COST: $250 - $450 + 20% Current Discount

Postpartum Doula Support

Great for anyone who needs an extra set of hands in their postpartum period.  Makes a great gift for a new family. 

  • In these visits, I help you adjust to motherhood, navigate newborn or breastfeeding basics and process your birth
  • We figure out what your daily priorities and needs are, and go from there
  • I care for you and your baby so you can rest and replenish your energy
  • Visits available in shifts of 3-4 hours, at $40/hr for birth clients and $50/hr for postpartum-only clients
  • Nourishing Postpartum-Friendly meals can be prepared during this time (you provide ingredients)
  • For example, 16 hours of postpartum support ($640) can be divided over 4-6 days
  • A sample postpartum package can be- 3 days of support in Week 1, 2 days in Week 2 and 1 day in Week 3

COST: $40-$50/hr

Traditional postpartum care, passed down from ancient cultures, can be the key to building thriving families and communities. Let's give our new mothers the care they deserve.

"She paid me a postpartum visit, demonstrated the art of belly-wrapping and dropped off some DELICIOUS postpartum meals.  Best of all, I got a typed story of my birth to give my baby. I will always treasure that."

- Shannon