Postpartum Love

Traditional Healing Care and Support In Your Postpartum

Traditional postpartum doula care is support that is based on global traditions that have been passed down through generations.  I would be honored to support you with this extra love and care in this special phase of your life.  If you are in the NOVA, DC or Maryland area and looking for traditional postpartum doula care and bodywork, this is the place for you. 

Traditional Postpartum Doula Care

As a doula and birth worker, I believe in the central importance of the postpartum period to the healing, nourishing and creation of a new mother and a new family.  With the right kind of support and care, new parents can be celebrated and supported in a vulnerable phase of their life.

Our modern-day culture has started to appreciate the unique and global traditions passed down through generations specifically for the postpartum period.  This is the time to nurture new parents, watch them bond with each other and their new baby and allow them to take life at a gentler pace.  I offer different postpartum care packages based on this.

Traditional Postpartum Care can be the key to a less-anxious, better-rested and more fulfilling postpartum.

I have trained in postpartum doula care through many paths, including self-study, Doula Trainings International, Centehua Sage's 4th Trimester Foods, Layla B.'s Traditional Moroccan Postpartum Medicine and through Innate Traditions as an Innate Postpartum Provider.

Interested in learning more about postpartum care? Moroccan Postpartum Care? Don't hesitate to reach out today.  You may fill out my Contact Form and I will email you with more information and to set up our initial consultation.

moroccan postpartum traditions

Closing the Bones Ceremony

This care is based on my study of Traditional Moroccan Postpartum Medicine with Layla B.  Each session includes: 

  • Traditional Moroccan Herbal Womb Steam (optional)
  • Traditional Moroccan hand/arm/foot/leg massage
  • Ceremonial Tray set up with herbal tea/snack and quality products
  • Space set up with relaxing music and an intention to bring peace and deep relaxation to the client
  • Traditional 'Closing the Bones' Experience using Moroccan, handmade Kourziyas
  • Demo Moroccan Belly-Binding w/option to purchase traditional, handmade Moroccan Kourziya wrap (supply dependent)
  • High-Quality Products Used (nourishing herbal teas & snack, extra virgin olive oil or sesame oil, all-natural handmade candles)
  • Traditionally performed 4 times in Week 1 & 2 and at 40 days postpartum
  • For any person in their postpartum! Whether 1 day or 10 years later!

COST: $249 (birth clients receive special price)

PACKAGE of 2: $498

Traditional Postpartum Hamam (Bath)

Includes Hamam and Closing the Bones.

  • Hamam (Steam Bath & Exfoliation) Experience in Your Home
  • Includes Hamam, Womb Steam, Massage, Closing, Belly-Binding and Kourziya for Belly-Binding
  • For any woman who has ever been pregnant, (even 20 years later!) to honor the monumental work your body has gone through
  • Hot water poured over you to create warmth and steam, ghassoul clay, olive soap and kessa glove (or loofa) to exfoliate and nourish your body
  • Steam Hamam followed by optional herbal Moroccan womb steam
  • Mother kept warm and rubbed with olive oil in a traditional foot/leg & arm/hand massage
  • Massage followed by Closing the Bones Ceremony (highly relaxing) and a Herbal Tea/Snack served on a ceremonial tray
  • Moroccan Belly-Binding with a beautiful, hand-made Kourziya wrap for you to keep (supply dependent)

COST: $379/session (3 hours)


Malay Bengkung Belly-Binding

Traditional Malay style of belly-binding.

  • 1 hour session
  • We start with a warming rub of the womb/lower belly area and lower back area using a warming lotion or oil.
  • This session focuses on helping you understand how to use your 'modern' belly-bind- pulling two strings through hoops and tightening as you work your way up.
  • Bengkung Belly-Binding provides many benefits, including extra support, counter-pressure, re-alignment of the body post-birth, help with infuisng warmth in the body post-birth, help with core healing.
  • This service can be started as early as 5 days after a vaginal birth; 4 weeks after a cesarean birth (as long as scar has healed).
  • Bengkung Belly-binds purchased through the Birth Matron.

COST: $175 + travel fee/includes bengkung belly-bind.

Cesarean Recovery Session

This is a 60-90 minute session where I teach you techniques that you can carry on on your path to recovery and healing. 

  • Warm Castor Oil Packs- I teach you techniques to help with scar tissue remediation, including the use of organic castor oil packs in your scar care. Castor oil pack use helps with lymphatic system movement, removal of toxins from your body and more.
  • Warm Oil Hand/Leg Massage while you receive your castor oil treatment.. Oil Massages bring a level of comfort and warmth to the nervous system; so necessary in the postpartum period.
  • Breathwork for Mind and Body Health
  • Birth Story Processing- This is a great time to reflect on your birth story for anyone who desires it.
  • Scar Tissue Self-Massage- I share basic techniques for self-scar massage, and resources for further work you can do.
  • List of Local Resources for further abdominal and scar tissue work.
  • Ideally after 6 weeks postpartum, or when your scar has healed.
  • Castor Oil Supplies Pack Available for Separate Purchase

COST: Current Special $129 + travel fee

Optional Add-On: Soup Prep

Postpartum Recovery Session

Ideal for anyone who has recently given birth, whether a few days or many months postpartum.  Makes a wonderful gift for a new mother!  

  • We start with an option for a womb steam or foot soak to bring warmth into the body and to connect with the element of water.
  • This is followed by bringing warmth into your body with a warm castor oil pack or moxa treatment on your lower abdomen/womb area.
  • Warm Oil Hand/Leg Massage while you rest.
  • Birth Story Processing for anyone who desires it.
  • Tips are shared on postpartum care and well-women care.
  • A warm herbal tea and small snack are served to you post-treatment.
  • This is a 60-90 minute long session.

COST: Current Special $129 + travel fee


SWANA/MENA, African & Asian Postpartum Workshop

One-on-one (2) hour presentation on cross-cultural postpartum care. 

  • Focus on ancestral wisdom and how it was a translation of physiologic design.
  • We discuss cross-cultural postpartum practices, the wisdom behind them and how universal they were in the special care given to new mothers in their postpartum window.
  • After this, we delve into ways that the SWANA region (Southwest Asian/North African cultures) as well as other areas of Africa and Asia incorporated these principles in their cultural practices. 
  • We focus on area of postpartum nourishment, herbs and spices widely used, postpartum bodywork, and principles of incorporating warmth.
  • This is a great way to learn about global postpartum wisdom and to plan for your upcoming postpartum.
  • This is a great opportunity to start making a Postpartum Plan for you/or your family member's upcoming postpartum period.
  • Presentation is about 75 minutes long, with time for Q&A.

COST: $129/virtual workshop

Traditional postpartum care, passed down from ancient cultures, can be the key to building thriving families and communities. Let's give our new mothers the care they deserve.