Prepare for Your Birth: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience!

At Oasis Birth, I want to help you be best prepared for your birth journey with personalized doula services.  I offer birth support virtually and in-person in the Northern Virginia, Maryland and DC Metro area through birth consultations & doula services, private GentleBirth classes and traditional postpartum doula care to fit your specific needs.

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Birth Preparation Consultations

Newly pregnant or not pregnant yet?  These consultations are a great way to figure out how to best prepare for your pregnancy and childbirth journey, by helping you understand what you may be looking for in a provider, childbirth class or place of birth.   This can easily be one of the most important steps you take in your journey! These 60-minute consultations can be applied to your doula balance if you choose to continue working with me.

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Birth Doula Support

As a doula, I use my time with you prenatally to help you prepare for birth with information as well as hands-on practice of relaxation and comfort measures.  I support you informationally, emotionally and physically during your pregnancy and birth.  Having an experienced guide on this journey makes a world of a difference!

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GentleBirth Classes

GentleBirth childbirth classes are a great way to prepare for pregnancy and birth.  I offer personalized, one-on-one workshops to prepare you and your birth partner for the birth experience you are looking for.  GentleBirth combines the best of mind preparation and comfort techniques for childbirth prep.  My classes can be catered to fit your calendar needs and can be offered as a 1-Day Blended or  Multi-Day option.  Express Childbirth Classes and Comprehensive Childbirth Classes are also offered for those with different needs.

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Postpartum Care

With the right kind of support and care, new parents can be celebrated and supported in this very gentle phase of their new life.  This is the time to nourish new parents, watch them bond with their newborn, and allow them to take life at a gentler pace.  Check out my hands-on Traditional & Moroccan Postpartum Doula Services, available to any woman who has given birth, even decades later!

I am excited to work with you!