“I had a VBAC … and Fatima was my doula. She was wonderful, informative, supportive and I’m grateful she was by my side throughout it all. From consultation to laboring at home and pushing … she was calm, patient, knowledgeable and motivating. Highly recommend.” – Shukri

“Fatima is my doula and was and continues to be an amazing support since the birth of my baby 2 weeks ago. Couldn’t have gotten my VBAC without her.” – Aqsa

“Fatima provided an extremely comfortable environment for me that transported me from being in the cold hospital to a place of peace. By encouraging me using a gentle, optimistic, and soothing voice whenever I doubted myself, reminding me kindly to unclench my jaws and relax, and using soft touch on pressure points – specifically on my forehead, I remember calming down almost immediately.”

Honestly, most times when she helped me with these things, it was without me even having to say it – if I seemed uncomfortable she made subtle efforts to correct that. … She got a cold compress for my head when it was getting hot and even fixed my hair to get out of my face when it was getting in my way – all things again that I felt were just perceived by her and perfect touches to make me feel reassured and cared for while 100% focused on delivering.” – Janan

Baby Raised

I highly recommend Fatima’s doula services! She was an essential part of my birth team. It was very important to me to try and have a 100% natural birth and to have a support team who would advocate for my wishes for a natural birth. I’m very happy with the support and assistance that Fatima provided before, during and after my labor and delivery. As a first time mom I was very nervous as to what to expect, but she helped me feel safe, supported and gave me all the facts without any prejudice or judgement. When I had doubts of my ability to continue … she, along with my husband gave me the confidence & support i needed to push on and have a natural water birth! Looking back, I could not have imagined going through my labor and delivery without her support and expertise! If I have another, I would love to have her as my doula again!” –Asma

“… Fatima thought about all the small things that matter during such a time: giving you water in between contractions, feeding you when you don’t even realize you need energy, bringing all the stuff that helps during birth (balls, hot pads, essential oils etc). I felt completely taken care of—all I had to focus on was my body and my baby. Having a doula also makes it possible for your partner to be completely present emotionally, which was exactly what I needed….

I cannot state how glad I am that Fatima was my doula. Giving birth is such a special moment in a woman’s life, and now I will always associate it with her. I am so grateful for everything she has done for our little family!” –Alix