Traditional Moroccan Postpartum Care

Re-Discovering Ancient Wisdom and Healing for your First Forty Days

Traditional postpartum doula care (including Moroccan postpartum care) focuses on nurturing, nourishing, honoring and celebrating the new mother.  It is an age-old, cross-cultural understanding that with the proper hands-on care and support, new families will flourish and grow into their new roles of parenthood.  Enhance your healing journey with the nourishing postpartum traditions below.

postpartum doula services nourishing soup

Nourishing Postpartum Foods

This is a service that I provide my clients through postpartum care packages prepared in my home or your home.  Postpartum foods across the world (and in Moroccan postpartum care traditions) share similar features- warm and warming ingredients, soft, highly nourishing and easily digested foods, and herbs/spices that help promote healing for the new mother.  Through proper nourishment, a new mother can work on feeding her new child and healing herself mentally, emotionally and physically.  Highly nourishing postpartum foods is the first step in preparing for a healthy postpartum.  This service is reserved for my birth and postpartum clients.

Traditional Postpartum Bodywork, Moroccan Closing the Bones

Moroccan Hamam & Closing the Bones Ceremony

This postpartum ritual bath is done in the privacy of your home.  It is a way of bringing warmth and healing to the new mother.  In this ritual bath, the postpartum woman is bathed and exfoliated from head to toe with natural clays and soaps, and rubbed with extra virgin olive oil to help her relax and heal from the powerful work of pregnancy, birth and new motherhood.  It is a highly relaxing technique to help her release her high-energy state and unwind into a calmer state.  The Moroccan Hamam also includes an optional Moroccan herbal womb steam, a massage-like rub of the arms and legs, a warming drink served on a ceremonial tray, the Closing the Bones Ceremony and a Moroccan Belly-Binding demo with a hand-made Moroccan kourziya wrap for you to keep.

moroccan closing the bones ceremony on a woman by traditional midwives

Closing the Bones Ceremony

Closing the Bones is an age-old ritual practiced across many ancient cultures ( Moroccan, Mexican, Russian, etc) for new mothers.  Each culture practices with it's own unique variation.  In Moroccan postpartum medicine, this healing ritual is done with the use of a traditional cloth, a kourziya.  The postpartum woman is 'swaddled', 'closed' and 'pulled' from head to toes, aiming to help the body slowly go back to the pre-pregnancy state.  The closing also helps to mark the end of the pregnancy and birth phase where the body had opened wide to allow for a new being and their birth.  It is a physical, emotional and spiritual release and can significantly help in a new mother's relaxation.  It is often combined with the Hamam, but we offer it as a separate option, along with the olive oil massage-like rub of the arms and legs, a warming herbal drink, an optional Moroccan womb steam and a belly-binding demo with the kourziya wrap.  Option is available to purchase the kourziya for an additional price.

A Healthier Postpartum Through Hands-On Ancient Care
Traditional Moroccan Postpartum Care